FAQ page
Qure.Finance is social-investing app where successful financial influencers and professional investors share insights about market trends. Qure allows you to follow the best investors and get trading ideas.
How to read an insight card?
In Qure, investors and content creators share their thoughts through "insight cards." These cards contain the investor's expectations about where a given stock is heading – whether it's value will rise or fall. In addition, investors indicate their expected returns as a percentage and the timeframe for achieving those results.

Each insight will clearly state the company's name, expected asset value, entry price, take profit, and stop loss.

The avatar of the content creator who added the insight will appear at the top of the screen. You can access the investor's profile by clicking on his/her avatar. You are welcome to send suggestions, ask questions, or thank insight creators for their content!

One important note: Our users are not Qure investors with insider knowledge. They are real users, just like you, who share knowledge based on their own experience and research.

On every insight card there are several useful buttons: "Like" (if you enjoy the content), "Comment" (to discuss a particular insight or other news), "Repost" (so that you can share our content with your friends), and "Bell" (which signs you up to receive notifications when that card's insight is closed: successfully or not).
How can you create the insight?
Every user can be a content-creator (investor) in the Qure.Finance app. Here's how you can get started:

  1. Register in the Qure app
  2. In your profile click "Add insight"
  3. Choose the company using the stock search
  4. Set Price, Stop Loss, and Take Profit
  5. Choose the end date
  6. Click "Preview"
  7. You will be able to see a preview of your Insight. You can Publish or Edit card
  8. That's all! Your idea is in the app
How do we calculate user ratings?
Ratings show an investor's performance, his profit-to-loss ratio, the likelihood that he is right and the frequency of trades. In the application, every insight will include the author's name and their rating in the form of stars.

We use three variables to calculate users' ratings:
  • win rate - how often their insights are correct
  • profit and earnings
  • frequency of insight

The rating is calculated automatically according to this formula and is recalculated every hour. It is extremely important for us that users see investors' up-to-date ratings; a day on the exchange can significantly change the situation. As our Qure community grows, we will begin updating ratings even more often. Ultimately, the goal is to update investors' scores in real time.

On every investor's profile, you can see their rating in percentages and in stars. You can use these ratings to follow the best content-makers and get exclusive insights. You can also follow top investors (it's not free, but you can choose the period from one week to three months) and get insights from the professionals in the Qure community.

How can you join the Qure.Finance community?
We are currently building a community on Discord, an adaptable platform that combines voice and text chats and the ability to perform high-quality analytics. We are also building up our community's presence on Reddit.

In both our Discord and Reddit communities, our guiding objective is to create a shared space where members of the Qure community can provide quick access to up-to-date educational information, mentoring, support for beginners, and information that is simple to understand. The most important principle of the Qure community is mutual respect. Trading can be highly stressful and emotional, and we will do everything we can to create a community that is honest, open, and supportive.

When you join our Discord community, you will find recommendations for financial books and podcasts, "how to" lessons about trading and investment, an investor dictionary with the most important trading terms, and, of course, you can communicate with different people - professional investors, founders, and newbies. You can even get personal consultations with top investors!

You can join our Discord community by following this link: https://discord.gg/qZ6gAQDUy8